April 10, 2016

Advisors and advisees: the Spring 2016 version of the MNS newsletter is available online. You can access it using this link, or click on the newsletter link above.

August 26, 2015

Just posted are syllabi and other docs for Fall 2015 classes are now posted. Go to the page for the respective course and then use the proveded links to get you to the syllabus paye (or other relevant pages) for that course. Courses to look for include phy101, phy111, Robotics, CSC161 and pchem

April 9, 2015

If you are an advisor or an advisee, you may find the MNS newsletter to be useful. You can access it using this link, or click on the newsletter link above.

April 8, 2015

Congratulations to Robert Kubiak ’15, Dan Snyder, ’15, Derek Schall ’15, Catherine Sutherland ’15, and Mohammed Sharif, ’14, who have all been accepted into graduate school. Messrs. Kubiak, Snyder and Schall will be pursuing doctorates in chemistry, and currently plan to attend Emory, University of Utah, and University of Vermont. Mr. Sharif has been accepted into the Biomedical Sciences program at UB, and Ms. Sutherland will be attending Penn State and pursuing a doctorate in their program in biochemistry, molecular biology & microbiology.

October 24, 2014

Pictures from mole day and from the molar eclipse. Thanks to Clara Davie and Kacie Liwosz for the images, Clara for the power point, and Dr. Ventura for the images of the eclipse.

August 26, 2014

Syllabi for phy101, phy111, phy101/111Labs, Robotics, iProgramming and pchem are now posted. Reminder: HW #1 must be handed in at the next respective meeting times for both classes. It’s meant to be something you think about and try hard at but not to the extent that you cause yourself anger and distress. It’s to talk about.

We are changing the look and feel of the site but the posted materials are still the same. You can expect many more upgrades over the coming weeks.

If you need to contact our faculty or staff you might like to
try out our directory page, especially useful if you need to make mass mailings. I think it’s all correct but please let me know if you see any difficulties or errors. Our “recent graduates” page has also been updated and we are always happy to be able to report on the successes of our students. In the interest of getting the new stuff up, I am going to delay posting the details of the revisions until a later date. Have a good year.

August 12, 2014

Dr. Olivieri’s handouts for PMD601 and BIO303 are now available. Please use the 2014 versions of these files.

Chapters for the text for
CPC022 are also posted.

Physics students, the text book is free and is written by me. If you want to have a look at it you can navigate to the
PHY111 version or the PHY101 version. Here’s the funny part: both versions are identical. Look it over, but may I suggest that you not print it yet, because some extensive editing is in the works. Syllabi are not yet ready and other questions will be addressed in class in a couple of weeks or by email.

Physics labs are
posted here, and it is unlikely that there will be any substantive editing. It’s probably still good advice that you don’t download them until you need them.

Experience has shown that there is always a terminally fretful minority, who want to get started on their homework right away. If this is you, you will find a
compendium of the homework problems for 101 here, and one for 111 here. However, I feel obligated to suggest that you avoid these links for the time being, and that you relax and enjoy the rest of your summer instead; your suffering will commence soon enough.

Note that all these links are accessible using the navigation sidebar to the left. Note also that we will be placing a separate conventional navigation page online for students with disabilities who use a screen reader. This will be implemented by the start of classes, and we will be editing content to improve its accessibility on a somewhat longer time frame.

Finally a word about copyright. The materials on this site, and most especially the book, the labs, the problems and the problem solutions, are copyrighted materials (© James J. DeHaven 1996-2014). You may download and reproduce any of the materials on this site for your personal educational use only. Any copy you make must contain this notice of copyright (i.e., this paragraph) and must properly attribute this work. All other uses, including the production of derivative works, and/or commercial use or publication of any kind are prohibited. While it is my intention to replace this in the future with a less restrictive CC copyright, I need a little time to consider what level of restrictiveness best protects my work.

I also realize that the text book and other productions are overflowing with errors, some real, and some, no doubt, matters of taste. Sometimes I come across a sentence that makes me cringe with embarrassment. Did I actually write that? So I welcome any kind of criticism, and will act on any that I agree with. But that does not free you to correct the parts you don’t like and then republish the altered document(s). If the writing is that bad, if the errors in the physics are that egregious, then I suggest, respectfully, that you write your own book. For my part, I will keep on trying to improve it until I get it right.

One last issue (yeah, I know I said that two “issues” ago): You may see a bar saying that we are using a trial copy of some software.. It goes away after a few seconds, but it is still annoying. Just so you know, this is a bug, and we are aware of it and are working to correct it.

September 28, 2012

Practice questions for Phy 101 and Phy 111 have been posted. The purpose of these postings is not to serve as a study guide, nor are they meant to serve as a guidepost for the level of difficulty for your tests. They are simply a “heads-up”for the testing format. Study the book and your notes; work the problems: these will prepare you best of all , far better than trying to “psyche” the test.

August 31, 2012

Fall 2012 syllabi are online for pchem, robotics, PHY101, PHY111, PHY102, PHY103L, PHY101L. PHY111L, and PHY 102L. Soon to come: iProgramming.

August 6, 2012

Summer reading documents from Dr. Olivieri for PMD601 and PMD603 can be found at the respective links.

January 17, 2012

Hello! It’s the day after MLK Day and school is starting up. We have posted a lot of new stuff, mostly associated with documents for freshly starting courses. In physics, there are new syllabi for PHY101, PHY111, PHY102, PHY112, as well as for the labs for 101/111 and for 102/112. There are also syllabi for robotics and modern physics as well as a kind of advanced physics lab to go along with the modern physics course, which we hope to run on a trial basis this year. We have posted the complete text online of the books by Crowell and Schnick, and ours slouches towards completion for both 101/111 and 102/112. Handouts for the 101/111 labs and 102/112 labs have also been posted.

We’ll keep you up to date as improvements are made, and we wish you all the best for the forthcoming year.

December 7, 2011

Just a note to PHY101-111 folks--there is a
new test key with one edit...a correction to the solution of Problem 1, page 6. Please make sure to get your very own copy today.

December 6, 2011

PHY102 We have uploaded most of the introductory magnetism chapter. We have also placed online some practice questions--very short ones--not all of them have been covered but you still may find them stimulating to think about. We also have some pictures of circuit components, as well as circuit symbols.

December 5, 2011

An extensive and very detailed review outline for angular motion has been uploaded.

December 4, 2011

PHY101--We have uploaded the final version of the
momentum chapter (chapter 11). We have also uploaded, as promised, a key for one version of test 2. We will shortly be posting solutions for the remaining HW assignments.

PHY111--We have uploaded the final version of the
momentum chapter (chapter 11). We have also uploaded, as promised, a key for one version of test 2. We will shortly be posting solutions for the remaining HW assignments.

We have now posted solutions for Assignments 13 and 14.

We have made minor editorial changes in the problem supplement to problems MOM07, MOM08 and MOM09. Check MOM09 and also ROTB04 for numeric changes. An error in the SOLUTION to KinB05 has been corrected and posted as well.

We have subsequently made a few minor edits in the momentum chapter, including a small section on the relevance of the center of mass to the high jump event.

We have now also posted solutions for assignment 15.

November 6, 2011

The last version of Chapter 7 has been uploaded. It includes all material up to Kepler. You will have to review the tides and problems which deal with variation of gravitational force as a function of mass and size of a planet yourselves. An outline of the important historical points is also appended at the end.

November 6, 2011

Another sad day for the Bills. This is to let you know that the pdf file on rotational motion, Newton and Kepler is up. It is currently (6PM) incomplete but it has an outline of the stuff I left out at the end and includes a precis of what you are expected to understand for the historical events that accompanied the advances in physics that we have studied. It is not an exhaustive list. It is your responsibility to take good notes in class and on the movies, but I think it will help. I should have an update posted about midnight and that will be my last posting until after the test, so that the Thursday people do not have an advantage over the Tuesday people.

November 5, 2011

We have replaced the problem supplement for Physics 101 and for Phyics 111. We corrected some wording in problem FRIC01. We also edited the solution for FRIC01 and the one for NEWT02. Please check on these by test time

November 5, 2011

We have added or improved several sections of the MNS site. Click here to get to a files area where we have posted the Fall 2011 issue of the departmental newsletter. We have also updated our list of faculty and staff. You may find it especially useful if you want to make mass mailings to groups of faculty (e.g., all chemists, all biologists, etc.) We have updated the faculty and staff areas, both adding new members and removing the pages of those who have departed. The current plan is to let faculty and staff update their own site. We have made a few corrections, but we have not worked intensively on updating the info on the faculty pages. If there is something you want put up (words or pictures), please send it along.

We have substantially updated the
research opportunities section, based on the information published in the most recent departmental newsletter.

The main page of the MNS site can be accessed

The physics book project continues with many new
entries for the 1st semester, as well as somewhat more modest additions for semester 2. Homework problems for the 1st and 2nd semesters are almost complete, and handwritten solutions for semesters one and two have also been posted. There is a lot of improvement and proofreading needed so please don’t judge us too harshly just yet. But we are almost there, i.e., at a place where a full workable volume is complete.

Finally we have improved the navigation to get to the physics course pages (It was terrible) but we have also left the old pages and their spaghetti links in place because it is near the end of the semester and we don’t want to cause a panic by making it look as though the links had disappeared. please
email me, if you are a student and are having trouble navigating.

May 16, 2011

Even though grades are due this Friday, I have just taken the time to post a new section of course notes for the
summer version of Bio303/603. As those of you who follow the news undoubtedly know, according to Yahoo!, the world is supposed to end on Saturday, and so I guess they are taking this grade deadline thing very seriously this year. So, back to work it is.

Note also that the Physics Book project is coming along, and that new sections have been posted
here. There will be plenty of edits needed I’m sure, but our goal is to have the whole thing online by September, and then begin the first cycle of revisions.

January 14, 2011

Received a message from a nameless alum whose sons did not believe he actually played basketball for his college. Although the elimination of much of the “old stuff” section was being planned, this inspired us instead to, instead, explore the archives on our computers and upgrade as many of our broken links as we could. Anyone who was here during any of the years 1998-2000 might find something interesting. Still to come, we hope: the destruction of the old library.

January 12, 2011

Added a site for Dr. Hart’s A&P II course for Pharmacy students (
PMD604) and placed a link to the BIO101 site.

October 14, 2010

Updated solutions are available for PHY102 as well as an updated (minor edits) homework supplement located in the
usual folders. Please don’t panic because Oscillator solutions were posted; the material for test 1 is through the end of fluids; we will save oscillations for test 2

Updated solutions for PHY101 and 111 are scheduled for this weekend--keep watch

Please note: Our
recent graduates page has some new entries.

August 7, 2010

Dr. Olivieri’s PDF of her biochem notes for PMD601 can be found
at this address. You can also access them through the links on the sidebar: Courses-->Pharmacy-->PMD601

Jan 24, 2010

Pages for
Pathophysiology (Dr. Hart) and BIO108 (also Dr. Hart) have been added. You can also navigate to them using the "courses" sidebar (to the right).

June 1, 2009

Pages for
Human Anatomy (Dr. Hart) and Pathophysiology (Dr. Hurley) have been added. You can navigate to them using the “courses” sidebar (to the right).

May 24, 2009

There is now a listing of phone numbers and offices for all MNS faculty. If you are such, please check your listing for accuracy. You can go there
FROM HERE, or you can navigate to the MNS department page and click on the faculty link. The first listing is the MNS directory, and you will be presented with the choice as well to download the listing as a .pdf file or as an .xls file..

All of the faculty pages have been updated and they are a bit better organized. If you provided me with new information, it’s now there. If not, I will be sending out copies of the form which you can answer and send back. If you see any errors, please tell me. If you want to change my wording, please do so as well, but please keep it short.

If you have any web pages, personal or otherwise, that you want linked to from your site, please send them along as well.

Finally, stop by and let me take your picture if it is not on your page.

May 5, 2009

A small video about our renovated gross anatomy lab

The same video captioned in Italian

Download the video (Depending on your browser, you may want to right click and “save link as...” to download):


download the large version
download a small one for your ipod


download the large version
download a small one for your ipod

November 6, 2008

Courses added this semester:

Todd's Gross Anatomy Notes
Dr. Hurley's Gross Anatomy Notes
Functional Biology
Neuro Anatomy
Physiology I
Human Biology
Bio 102

You can always access your course's pages by using the "Courses" menu item in the sidebar.

August 26:

Students in gross anatomy, follow these links for postings from
Todd Stevens and Mary Hurley. Click here for links to Functional Anatomy and to Neuro (Dr. Hurley again). PHY 101 and 111 students can click here for homework (111) (101) and the first lab and computer supplement. The labs are the same for both courses. These links can also be accessed from the side bar to the right. Select "courses" and navigate.

August 9:

Hello CPC 022 students, and welcome to D'Youville College.

You can download your course documents in PDF format by clicking right here.

You can go here to browse through them online page-by-page. Just choose the day you want from the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Visitors and New Students: Click here to get information about our academic programs and about our department.

Advisement and Registration for the fall of '08 are in full swing. Our department has prepared a brochure which outlines our general education courses and also provides useful information about required MNS courses for various majors, as well as information about their prerequisites. It also outlines the minors we offer.

We also have put online a handout to assist people who are in any way interested in a chemistry major, either alone, or in combination with another MNS major.

These documents can either be downloaded or browsed online. Just press here to transfer to our advisement page.

This is the main home page for campus.dyc.edu, a server operated by the faculty of the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of D'Youville College. The web site has been in operation for roughly 8 years and has fulfilled a variety of tasks.

Right now "campus" serves the following functions:

• It provides space and support for our inroductory multimedia students to practice their skills at constructing web pages.
• It provides web pages for several of our introductory science courses where homework solutions and such can be accessed by our students.
• It is the home for our division's web page featuring information about our academic majors, our students, our physical digs, and our faculty.
• It keeps alive a few serendipitous and idiosyncratic blasts from our school's recent past.
• It is a place where students who enjoy working with computers can experiment and hone their skills.

Please look around, and feel free to contact us with questions or comments.