Mathematics at D’Youville

The BA in Mathematics offered by the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Department is a new, modern program, designed to best prepare you for a career either in teaching it or applying it in industry.

The BA degree in mathematics is designed to require a total of 120 college credits. In addition to the required coursework within the math major, the college has several core requirements that every D’Youville student will experience. Since the major requirements (36 credits of Mathematics and 8 credits of Physics) are not exhaustive, you will have many free elective hours left to pursue another major or a minor (e.g., accounting, business administration, biology, chemistry, English, entrepreneurship, history, management, natural sciences, pre-law, pre-med psychology, sociology, Spanish, or written communication), or any special interests you may have within the four years that you are with us at D’Youville. You also have opportunities to participate in research and attend national and international conferences. It is our hope that you will graduate a well-rounded individual that is educated across the disciplines. You can chose the subject areas to study based on your interests or graduate school prerequisite requirements.

You have the ability to enroll in the dual Mathematics BA and Education MS, a program offered in conjunction from the Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Graduate Education Departments. Admission into this program allows a smooth transition from the undergraduate math program to graduate education. In fact, since the math major only requires 120 credit hours, several students take some of their graduate requirements in their senior year, making it easily possible for you to obtain a combined BA in mathematics and MS in education in only five years.

The BS degree in Mathematics provides a broad preparation in the manor areas of this very rich field. It is the ideal way to prepare for graduate work or for a career in mathematics. We offer three tracks to assist students in choosing a direction that will complement their career and personal aspirations. The general curriculum imparts the broadest preparation in math of any of our degree programs, and is ideal for the student who desires to do graduate work in mathematics. But it also provides a strong foundation for any math career such as those listed here.

The statistics track offers preparation for careers requiring an understanding of statistics and for careers in the actuarial sciences. For mathematically inclined students who wish to pursue careers where the knowledge of more than one discipline is important, the applied concentration offers an opportunity to combine mathematical prepration with preparation in fields that possess a strong mathematical component, fields such as chemistry, biology and physics.

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Mathematics BS Applied Concentration

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