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Academic Advisors: Advisement will be upon us before you know it. Please avail yourself of our departmental course brochure/newsletter and our advisement road-map for chemistry majors and chemistry double majors (with math and biology). You can also download these documents from our files page. Also please note that most of our CSC courses count towards the core. You can find a list of them here.

Welcome to the web site of the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of D'Youville College. The department offers 5 academic majors:

Biology, BA
Biology, BS
Chemistry, BS
Mathematics, BA
Mathematics, BS

It also offers programs and preparation specifically designed for the following areas:

Pre-professional preparation for postgraduate training leading to careers in medicine, including the MD, osteopathic medicine, veterinary science, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, podiatry, physician assisting, physical therapy, and chiropractic
• Academic majors in the sciences which, in conjunction with our Department of Education, lead to certification as a secondary teacher in mathematics, chemistry, or biology, and to an MS in education.
• A dual degree program leading to a Doctorate of Chiropractic (BS in biology and doctorate in chiropractic).
• A six-year two-degree program in biology and physical therapy leading to the DPT degree (BS in biology and a doctorate in physical therapy).
Early admission to LECOM either in their osteopathic medicine doctoral program or their dental school.

The department also provides science and mathematics courses for students majoring in the college's programs in the allied health sciences, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, dietetics, and physician assisting as well as courses required for the major in information technology. In addition, the department is responsible for courses in the college core in science, mathematics and computer science.

D'Youville students can avail themselves of several structured minors in math and science, including minors in mathematics, general science, biology, environmental science, health analytics, and chemistry.

For further information about admissions, please visit the college's admissions web page; To apply online or to download application forms, you browse to our online applications page.