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The new contract is online. We have provided it as a straight PDF file for downloading, in a chapter, by chapter format, and as a fully indexed file for browsing. We have also kept a copy of our previous contract online.

If you find any egregious errors (or even minor ones), please email me about them and I will try to correct them promptly.

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Meeting Today

There will be a general meeting of our AAUP chapter at on Monday, September 21, at 4:00 PM in room 607 in ALT.

About this Site

Welcome to the new website for the DYC chapter of the AAUP. The site will probably grow considerably over the next few months, so please, stop by often.

We have just put up the contract and the by-laws, and so please let us know if you see any mistakes.

News Brief 09/01/09

AAUP News Brief
( September 1, 2009)


Negotiations are ongoing. The Administration did not accept the package offered by the AAUP Negotiation tem on June 2 (to settle all outstanding issues in return for a 2%, 3%, 3% wage adjustment).

Positions have returned to the previous offers. Economically the administration has offered a 2%, 0%, 2% wage adjustment but put a limit on that offer of September 4
th. (the offer included the possibility of negotiating some increase this year when the final enrollment numbers are established.

The AAUP responded with a slight reduction of its previous position of Option 1—3
%, 3.5%, 5% or Option 2—3%, 3.5%, 3.5% with an additional increase in the third year depending on the financial health of the college. All other issues are also back on the table.

The negotiators are continuing to meet with the mediator present. Ian Walters has been named the chief negotiator for the AAUP, Jim DeHaven remains on the team and Walter Iwenenko has been added. The negotiators are focusing on non-financial issues.

Support Your Team

Along with this News Brief you are receiving a new Calendar poster—365+ days with no contract. Please post and check off the days.

By week’s end you will receive a new AAUP button—AAUP and 365+, please wear it.

Also by week’s end you will receive a survey on what we as faculty do—please fill it in and return it to any officer of the AAUP. These will be the basis of further campaigns.

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