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By: Elcanaar

If you play FFXI, you know how to craft. You figure out your recipe, use your crystal, select your items, and hope that the whole thing doesn't blow up. There are, however, rumors of things that you can do to make your crafting much more successful. I don't know about you, but if I can give myself even one more successful crafted item just by facing a certain direction, I'm going to do it.

To be clear, you don't have to abide by these rules in order to be a good crafter. I had no idea about these things or had blown them off as rumor, and I had no trouble raising my crafting ability. That's what the "everything you don't really need to know about crystals" thing is all about. You don't really need to know it, but it sure is nice once you do.

There are two ideas working here. The first is that if you use a crystal on its corrosponding day of the week, you will have more successes. Here are the crystals and their Vana'Diel days of the week, as well as what you can expect the crystal to do:

That's pretty simple, isn't it? The second concept is that if you face a certain direction, you will get more successes. Face another, slightly different direction, and you will get more failures, but have more skill ups and more high quality items. Using the above illustration as a color key, the directions to face while crafting are illustrated below:

What you want to do is face the direction of the petals to have more successes, and face the direction of the background for more skillups and high quality items. Obviously which one you use depends on whether you're crafting to make gil, or if you're trying to level up your ability.

I have this hunch that if you craft using the crystal in the correct direction on the correct day, the effect may be amplified. I don't know about using a crystal on the "off" or background day, whatever that is. And what about facing the opposite direction? You know what? You should try that. You should check that out. As for me, I'm done here.